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Apr. 21st, 2024

returned to me what others stole

{ooc} miscellaneous millicanon

Wand: Almond, 12", essence of pixie hair.

N.E.W.T. Classes:
Defence Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

O.W.L. Examination Results
Ancient Runes - E
Arthimancy - O
Astronomy - O
Care of Magical Creatures - O
Charms - O
Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
History of Magic - E
Potions - E
Transfiguration - O

Class Notes:

Took Divination during third year, then dropped the course.
Dropped Ancient Runes after fifth year.


On brooms/flying: "And when you're actually flying, the broom just - It sings to you."







Feb. 26th, 2020

I've always been a dreamer

{fanmix} by any other name

"Scorpius has a lot going against him, not least that name. However, I think Scorpius would be an improvement on his father, whom misfortune has sobered!" - J.K. Rowling

I [Broken, Lifehouse]
    The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head. I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead. I still see your reflection inside of my eyes. That are looking for a purpose, they're still looking for life.

II [My, My, My, Rob Thomas]
    And when you find you're spending your time
    wanting for words, but never speak, you tell yourself that the things you need come slow. But inside you just don't know.

III [Hand Me Down, Matchbox Twenty]
    Someday they'll find your small town world on a big town avenue, gonna make you like the way they talk when they're talking to you. Gonna make you break out of your shell cause they tell you to, gonna make you like the way they lie better than the truth. They'll tell you everything you wanted someone else to say; they're going to break your heart.

IV [Halfway Gone, Lifehouse]
    Talk is cheap, give me a word you can keep. Cause I'm halfway gone and I'm on my way. And I'm feeling this way, 'cause you're halfway in but don't take too long 'cause I'm halfway gone.

V [Elgar/Something Inside, August Rush OST]
    So long you've been running in circles, 'round what's at stake. But now the time has come for your feet to stand still in one place. You want to reach out, you want to give in. Your head's wrapped around what's around the next bend. You wish you could find something warm, 'cause you're shivering cold.

VI [Here is Gone, Goo Goo Dolls]
    And I have no solution to the sound of this pollution in me. And I was not the answer, so forget you ever thought it was me. I'm not the one who broke you. I'm not the one you should fear.

VII [Sway, The Perishers]
    I don't wanna hurt you, I don't wanna make you sway. Like I know I've done before. I will not do it anymore. I've always been a dreamer, I've had my head among the clouds. Now that I'm coming down, won't you be my solid ground?

VIII [Someday, Rob Thomas]
    And maybe someday we'll figure all this out. Try to put an end to all our doubt. Try to find a way to make things better now and maybe someday we'll live our lives out loud. We'll be better off somehow. Someday.


Dec. 25th, 2011

when I was a broken soul

{random writings} dancing in the snow

[For Pinch-Hit Daily Entertainment.]

It's frightfully cold - perhaps the coldest day of the year so far - and despite his many layers and Ogden's Old warm in his belly, Scorpius presses close to Albus, his nose buried in his boyfriend's blue-and-bronze scarf, to fight the chill of Hogsmeade.

"I think I need to get you back to the castle," Albus says, chuckling in his ear, as the swaying starts.

Scorpius just shrugs, tipsy on the firewhiskey - only the two (or three or four?) glasses! - and utterly in love with his boyfriend, and continues on with the shuffle in the snow, pulling Albus along with him.

Dec. 19th, 2011

returned to me what others stole

{oom} 'tis the season for giving

For Parker: A Self-Writing Quill. It might not be as good as your computer, he writes in a note to her, but it might come in handy if you ever lose your Muggle electrons. (He means electricity.) Also included: A Quick-Quotes Quill, mostly for whenever I need advice from you. Instructions on how to use (with no magic necessary) and ink are included with both.

For Lily: A scarf. (He hopes Lily likes it; it's rather difficult shopping for his boyfriend's sixteen-year-old grandmother.)

For Annabeth: Those colour-changing inks and quill that he had promised her. And a book on architecture, much like the astronomy book he shared with her on their date. He includes a short note with hers: Write me sometime? I miss you.

For Posner: Quills and inks and a journal for the new Oxford student, as well as a Remembrall. In case you stuff your head with too much poetry and start to forget the rest.

For Orpheus: Sunblock - for protection, he pens - and a book that recites the most awful wizard's poetry that had ever been written upon opening.

For Mia, Cepheus, and Draco: A coat for the mother, a golden cauldron for the father, and a bundle of toys for the baby. (Er, well - The only baby that Scorpius knows about, anyway.)

For Kate: A small charm. (Because he knows she loves to ride as much as he loves to fly and just wanted to get her a little something.)

For Alex , William, and Sameth: A bundle of candy from Honeydukes for each. From Sugar Quills to Chocoballs and Ice Mice. Just about everything Honeydukes has for sale, really.

For Albus: A sprig of mistletoe. (He'll have to see Scorpius about the real gift.)

Sep. 5th, 2011

I've had my head among the clouds

{oom} first date

There are no nifflers to be careful of with the magical creatures off hiding wherever it is their nest happens to be and the cottage itself is rather modest as it undergoes renovations. It used to belong to a great something-or-other on the Greengrass side of the family and his grandparents are thinking of turning it into a vacation property, and Scorpius explains as much as he closes the door to Milliways behind them.

"Not much to see. There's the bedrooms and the loo upstairs, and the kitchen is through there," he says, gesturing toward the rooms with his chin.

The place is bigger than Scorpius might have let on - compared to Malfoy Manor and his family home, it is small and quaint - and it'll take the whole summer to finish the renovations that he's started.

"But we're not here to see this old place."

He slides his arm around Albus' waist for a Side-Along.

(But he also gives Albus a rather quick kiss too while he has his arm around him. He did say he was going to, after all.)

Aug. 9th, 2011

when I was a broken soul

{oom} end of the year

With the school year at an end, there's a lot to do before morning. Trunks need packing, last arrangements need arranging, and, as the hour nears the nightly curfew, the Ravenclaw Common Room steadily fills with a crowd for goodbyes.

Scorpius is sitting apart from most of it, found on the stairs that lead to the boy's dorm. Drinks are starting to be passed around, and the Ravenclaw Captain hands one off to him at some point, but Scorpius has no interest in joining the big farewell party.

He's watching for a familiar head of unruly black hair. A boy with very green eyes.

He's been wanting to chat with Albus since his talk with Parker. But there was always someone around or something that needed doing as the last week of school came to an end and -

And Scorpius has been scared of saying goodbye. Because that's what it is, isn't it? A goodbye.

Now tonight might be his last chance to do so and he needs to.

Jul. 17th, 2011

when I was a broken soul

{random writings} before the end

Scorpius was half-asleep, his face pressed against Rigel's shoulder and an arm flung across his waist as his friend dictated a letter to a self-writing quill.

" - In my opinion, the Wizenmagot would blahblahblah - "

Scorpius wasn't paying attention. Olivia poked him in the foot with her own.


"Hmm?" he inquired, barely lifting his head, even when Rigel shifted his shoulder.

Olivia sat with her back against the bedpost at the foot of the bed, a book forgotten in her lap. "Why were you staring at Albus Potter in class today?"

Scorpius tensed and Rigel certainly felt it, pausing in his dictation.

"What d'you mean?" he questioned, mumbling and slurring the words together as his face heated in embarrassment. He wondered if Rigel could feel that through his robes.

"You kept looking over at him - "

" - Every other minute," Rigel concluded, adding his own testimony.

"Is he bothering you?" Olivia asked.

Scorpius pushed away from his friend, sitting up on the bed to find their eyes peering at him with concern, curiosity, and -

Presumption. Like they already knew the answer.

"It wasn't every other minute."

"Do you fancy him?" came the critically asked question from Rigel.

Scorpius cowered into the pillows, turning his red face away from his friends.

"Rigel! We said we wouldn't - "

"Oh, Merlin. He does. He fancies Albus Potter. Look how he acts - "

"So what if I do?" he shot hotly at his friend, clambering to his feet. He was glad the Slytherin dorms were empty of anyone else. "If you've got a problem with it - "

Olivia grabbed at his wrist. "We don't."

"You don't?" He looked at Rigel.

"No, of course not. You have to stop thinking I'll abandon you at any opportunity. I haven't and I won't. I'm only - " Rigel took a deep breath. "Processing."

"He's been processing for weeks," Olivia murmured to him, quirking an eyebrow at her boyfriend.

"I still fancy girls too," Scorpius murmured. He felt a pang of guilt as he thought about Annabeth. Annabeth, who he couldn't talk about because of the complications of Milliways.

Rigel shook his head. "He's Harry Potter's son."

Scorpius climbed back into the bed, shrugging his shoulders. "He's Albus."

"You've been talking to him?" Olivia asked interestedly, scooting forward on the duvet.

Rigel was wide-eyed. "Does he fancy blokes too?"

"I - I don't know." And Scorpius didn't. His stomach churned unpleasantly. "Could we not talk about this?"

Rigel shrugged and Olivia smiled. Neither pushed.

Rigel started his letter again as Scorpius curled up against him once more.

"I think he's cute," Olivia whispered with finality to end the conversation. Scorpius grinned as Rigel groaned and rolled his eyes.

A few moments later the lid of Rigel's trunk burst open and Red clambered out, pulling at a bit of fabric with her teeth.

"Your cat is stealing my dress robes," his friend complained.

Scorpius closed his eyes, burying his face against Rigel's shoulder once more. "I wouldn't fight her about it. She'll only win."

Jun. 8th, 2011

when I was a broken soul

{oom} impromptu picnics

Scorpius is done before her. He's always done before Annabeth.

(And usually he's sweating and feeling disgusting but also feeling good and she's just -

A bloody gorgeous demigod who can run laps around him. And he doesn't mind one bit.)

So he waves her off to continue on with her jog and he heads inside to grab two bottles of water and a picnic basket of things that Bar provides before meeting her by the lake.

(Because he tries to be a gentleman and a good kind-of-sort-of boyfriend - Though, they're the real deal now, aren't they? If anyone asked, he'd likely say she was his girlfriend. - and a picnic by the lake? Well, that's just what boyfriends do.)

He greets her again with a kiss to the cheek.

"I, uhm - Have no idea what she gave us in here, but Bar usually has good taste in food, right?"

Mar. 6th, 2011

are we back to where it all began?, hope that's what you've come to be

{oom} a demigod in hogwarts

When Scorpius had left Hogwarts, the corridors hadn't been very crowded, as most of the students have already wandered off to wherever the freedom of a night after classes has taken them, and so he isn't expecting much trouble when he returns with Annabeth.

And there isn't.

The door opens as crankily as most doors in the castle do and a pair of Third Year Gryffindors on their way toward the library hardly even notice. They've already turned the corner by the time the door is wide enough to let anyone through.

Only a few of the old-fashioned portraits hanging about the corridor raise their eyebrows at the scene. But two students coming out of a supposedly empty classroom? Hardly anything new, that. They scoff and turn their noses away, more concerned with their own doings and the other frames that need visiting.

Scorpius, nervous now (as this isn't jogging around Milliways, but a proper, second date), holds the door open like a gentleman so Annabeth can pass through.

"So, uhm. Here we are, then."

Dec. 10th, 2010

when I was a broken soul

{random writings} not too tight

"That should do it then."

From the reflection of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, Scorpius could see many things:

A young man on a pedestal, draped in the brand-new and far-too fancy dress robes for his liking.

A shop-keeper with her wand as she adjusted and trimmed the robes to fit just right.

A mother with her daughter-in-law to be, their voices low, finalizing what needed to be finalized.

And a door cracked open, a familiar bar on the other side, waiting.

He wasn't sure which of the sights it was that made him break into a cold sweat.

"Not too tight?"

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